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Comp Team holiday notes 


Stage right people start walking on the front foot 

Make sure lines are all in correct place 

no heads in start part

both lines start skips with the LEFT foot 

do skips back for 2 sets of 8 - turn to the corner on count 7 of last set 

tip head Right cheek bone to the sky when arm is up - and right cheek bone to the ground when hand on hip 

2 stamps on the last set before kick bottom runs 

on first count of kick bottoms look to where you are heading to - then flick head round to spot on count 2 

16 counts of kick bottom turns 

Tami Turn to the Left shoulder first 

then pivot turns - leave head front/back on count 1 and flick round count 2 

shoulders to the side on count 1 - and flick belly button all the way round to the front/back on count 2


Mya don't crunch Foot 

Head down in lunge Amira 

Arm on slide??

more diag on partner cannon 

Amira faster after that 


Niamh bend supporting knee 

floppy hands 

pas de bourse pique

Niamh follow may in run 

head down in allonge 

hold arabes

soutenu at end of circle tess

long flat back - no singing 

look at end section - turn kick and turn hold run 

goergia chasse - and rise in allonge  - pointe back foot then close 

pas de bourse pique 

front line too crossed 

tami too crossed in allonge

head lifted in prayer drop 

Georgia - singing 

 circle section - all keep circle going and spot to stage left especially to fill the stage - spot head and hold soutenus to face the outside of the circles - whip arms in from the temps leve to make the waltz strong and faster 

NO hopping on single turn 

turn out front foot in the lunge down 

swish through 1st and use the floor to get kicks UP

1/2 turn and hold to down stage right when develop to 45 degrees hold and look out to the audience before run