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Competition Team 2019

Please book your daughter in to start learning her dance 25 minutes at a time.  I have some times/days on the practice page and it is a first in, first booked situation.  If none of the times/days suit, please do not worry as I can book in other days/times if necessary.  All lessons are held at either The Ballet Academy Studio or Kirwee Community Centre.  Please bring payment in a named envelope which is given to your tutor at the beginning of each lesson.  

You will be invoiced for the Term Three Competition Class held on Saturdays from 3.15pm - 4.00pm held at The Ballet Academy Studio in threes and below are the days for your Saturday practice.  This class is to go over what they already have learn to fix technique, not to learn the actual dance.

If for any reason you can not make one of these dates, please let me know and I will do my best to swap you with another dancer.


All students that represent The Ballet Academy will hire their costume for the year from The Ballet Academy.  It is a yearly hire fee and it is completely up to the student/Parent how many competitions you attend - the hire cost remains fixed and is payable before the first competition.  All costumes are expensive but Tutus are incredibly expensive to get made; for example a competition standard tutu would cost between $500 - $700 to be made.


Classical Tutus - Tutu, Tiara/Flower, Arm Puffs (may be included) = $80/year hire

Demi-Character/Musical Theatre - this depends on story however all props must be purchased by parents = $60/year hire

National Character - Blouse, Dress, Modesty Skirt, Headdress (excluding Shoes - students must purchase these themselves - I will show you where) = $80/year hire 

Jazz Costume - Dress, Petticoat, Headgear = $60/year hire

Lyrical Costume = $60/year hire

Barefoot Costume = $60/year hire

Contemporary Costume= $60/year hire


Classical Team Costume - $50/year hire each (Vita)

Classical Team Costume - $50/year hire each (Prayer in the Night)

Contemporary Team Costume - $50/year hire each (Nuvole Bianche)

National Character Team Costume - $50/year hire each (Kalinka)

Costumes will be given out to each student.  It is up to each Parent to ensure they are kept safe from Sun, Siblings, Animals & Food.  They are not to be worn for play around the house please.  All National Character Costumes will need to be pressed the night before each Competition.

All students will be required to wear our Competition Uniform to all competitions.  

Pink Dance Jacket (Juniors), Black Dance Jacket (Seniors)

Pink Gumby (overalls) - Juniors, Black Gumby (overalls) - Seniors

Below are some of the competitions that have released their 2019 dates.  

I will always email through to you the competition syllabus, this details the different classes they can enter.  I will work with you to fill out the entry form so it is an easy process.

Other things to know:

  • You will need to bring a flash stick to your daughter’s very first lesson so I can place her music on it.
  • You will need to provide two blank CDs, each with their own case so we can place their competition music on it, ready for each competition.  Please do not use these to practise at home with - they are for use at the competitions only.  Just so they do not get scratched.
  • Each different competition you will be given a label to place on each case which has the information the Dance Society needs to ensure the correct music is play for each competitor.
  • The last five minutes of each Private lesson, whoever is picking the students will be invited in to record on their phone/iPad what they have learned so far, so they may practice at home.

This is an exciting experience, one your daughter will never forget.  It does seem daunting at the start but believe me once you have danced in one competition it becomes much easier.

Welcome to the Team, I can’t wait to start teaching your daughter her comp dance!

NB: Dancers do not dance on every single day of the competition.  Once the entries close then a syllabus is printed which has the date/s your daughter will be dancing on.

2019 Competitions

Garden City Tappers
8th - 10th March - COMPLETED
JT Dancers
16th - 20th April - COMPLETED
23rd - 27th April - COMPLETED
NZ Dance Awards 
30th May - 3rd June - COMPLETED
CHCH Competitions Society 
14th - 19th July - COMPLETED
Villa Maria College
Follow Your Dreams Comp 
10th - 11th August - COMPLETED
Rangiora Town Hall 
 CTDTA Comps
6th - 8th September 
Rangiora Town Hall 
Timaru Dance Festival 
13th - 15th September
Follow Your Dreams 
21st - 22nd September 
Garden City Tappers 
4th - 6th October 
Ashburton Comps
16th - 17th November 
Tinwald Memorial Hall 

Cushion Theatre Day

To give the girls more performance experience, I plan to introduce a Cushion Theatre Day on the ninth week (Sunday) of each Term.  It would be a gold coin entry to cover costs and would be held at the West Melton Community Centre.  The girls would get dressed as for competitions (including Hair & Makeup) and perform their dances.  This will give them valuable performance time in front of people and help with nerves.  The more performing they do in front of people the better they will feel about their dances.  I am just waiting to here back from the Hall about the Dates/Times and once I know I shall let everyone know.

Term Three Competition Rehearsal Class Dates - Confirmed 

These classes are $15 per dance, so if it is a solo item it will be $15 per person and a duo will be $7.50 per person in the duo.

Saturday 27th July
 Saturday 3rd August
Saturday 10th August
Tamison Soppet (Lyrical)
Tamison Soppet (Demi Character)
Ivy Moore (Classical) 
Sophie Howe (Classical)
Sophie Howe (National Character) 
Genevieve Slater (Classical) 
Mya Moore (Contemporary)
Michaela Cameron (Classical)
Mia Helps (Classical)
Saturday 17th August
Saturday 24th August
Saturday 31st August
Tamison Soppet (Classical)
Tamison Soppet (Variation)
Evening of Dance - no class
Mya Moore (Contemporary)
Evening of Dance - no class
Briar Jarman (Demi-Character)
Mya Moore (Lyrical)
Evening of Dance - no class
Saturday 7th September 
Saturday 14th September 
 Saturday 21st September 
Summah Hooper (Jazz)
Tamison Soppet (Lyrical) 
Genevive Slater (Classical) 
Charlotte Brewster (Classical) 
Mia Helps (Classical)
Cerys McGuinniety (Musical) 
Sophie Howe (Classical) 
Tamison Soppet (Championship)
Saturday 28th September 
Summah Hooper (Jazz) 
Briar Jarman (Song & Dance)