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Private Lessons 

Monday 14th July 

1.15pm - 1.40pm - Katie Morris (Ballet BM)

1.45pm - 2.10pm - Gemma Spiezer (Ballet BM)

2.15pm - 2.40pm - Beatrice McGlashen

2.45pm - 3.10pm - Zoe Wright (Ballet BM)

3.30pm - 3.55pm  - Cerys McGuinniety ( Hip Hop L5)

4.00pm - 4.25pm - Sia Johnston (Ballet BM)

4.30pm - 4.55pm - Tess Manners (Ballet SM)

Tuesday 15th July 

1.15pm - 1.40pm - 

1.45pm - 2.10pm - 

2.15pm - 2.40pm - 

2.45pm - 3.10pm - Eleanor Bisley (Jazz Bronze Star

3.30pm - 3.55pm  - Olivia Gregg (Jazz SS)

4.00pm - 4.25pm - Sophie Howe (NC)

4.30pm - 4.55pm -Sophie Howe (Ballet SM)

Bronze Medal

*positions of the feet 

4th positions - make sure not too big 

point the foot before you bring it in 

straight knee when lowering to 4th position 

ouverte and croise positions - make sure we can see the difference and know which one is which 


bottoms down in the plies 

Zoe and sia - bigger grand plies in 2nd 

*Battement tendu and battement glisse 

don't forget the heads 

turn leg out in 2nd so we can see the pointe 

Zoe - don't forget to bring plisse off the floor

* Prep for Releve

- All work on tighter 5th positions (no gaps) with back heels looking sideways 

don't lean forwards on the plies - bottoms go towards the floor not the mirror 

heels towards each other on demi pointe - sneaky lines facing the walls 

Gemma - turn out front foot in 5th demi pointe 

* Prep for Jetes

- Show diamond at end of each Jete

- No sickles

- Get preparation lift at start

- Zoe don't lean on barre

Katie 0 swish to the side 

sia - turn out your feet - practise this one

Zoe - stay in your bent supporting leg - practise this one 

Hannah - cross foot over more at the front and the back - otherwise looks like it is at the side 

*Prep for Grand Battements

- Straight bottom leg on all kicks

- Show 3 points on turning part (especially the point before close 1st)

no heads in this exercise 

Zoe - too high 

jess - ankle bone 

Hannah arm too far forwards in 2nd 

Emily - close the front foot when you have turned around 

*Port de Bras

- Height of 1st is tummy button

- Timing show 2nd

Zoe - make arms the same in bras bas 

jess - make arms the same in bras bas 

Hannah - body straight when standing in bras bas - no rib movement 

Zoe arm height in 1st position 

everyone arms in 1st position 

Katie - arm all the way out to side in switches from 3rd to 3rd 

*Battement Tendu

- Arms 1st, 2nd on intro

- Both sides to the front then do the side tendus

- turn out the plie

- point in front of the eye

- ankle bones up in the tendu

- no arms to second on the last pile, finish in bras bas

show best pointe you've got 

Sia and Zoe go over the start of this one 

slowly down in the plie and slowly up - 2 counts up and 2 counts down 

Gemma - hold arms 

Katie - hands to the front in 2nd 


- Show each straight leg

- Swish through 1st

- Point underneath foot

- Dainty tippy toe run to other side

*Port de Bras

- Don't forget the breathe at the start 

- 1st position too high 

- Use heads 

- Zoe show 2nd position before going up to Lyre/5th position

*Battement Tendu

- Hold elbows up in 2nd 

- Katie keep Heels on the floor in Plie 

- Arms stay still in 2nd position until the plie

- Ankle bones up to the sky in Tendu Devant (Front)

- Gemma keep shoulders down when taking arms from 1st to 2nd 

- Zoe keep arms in correct bras bas position - no crossing hands over 

*Prep for coupe 

- Feet start 3rd position 

- Breathe at the start, look ad smile towards Right hand 

- Legs stay straight in tendu (Especially when going to the back)

- Point foot on side of the big toe at the back 

- Zoe Not too high with Demi bras position 

- Sia keep both feet turned out 

- Katie body lifted when going to the back - no leaning forwards

- Pointe every foot as hard as you can 

- Body stays up in plie

- Zoe look to the right arm in the breathe 

- arms to demi 2nd in the stretch from 2nd plie to change side s

straight back knees 

gemma dont lean forwards 


- Sia bend knees on 4 before exercise starts 

- Body stays still 

Zoe - don't lean forwards in landing 

Gemma - bigger plies in landings 

make sure bottoms are going down to the ground on the landing to get the biggest pile you can 

heels have to touch in your plies otherwise they don't count 

*Petit Jetes 

- Jump higher 

- turn out the knee you land on in the jumps 

arms stay on demi bras 

Emily land on a bent leg 

point feet really hard 

HOLD arms 

*Temps Leve

- No arms in the step close step pointe - they stay in 2nd 

- Opposite hand and foot in jumps 

- Leg stays still in attitude with ankle bone to the sky 

- no arms in the point point close at end 

Zoe - use the other leg to hop - use the easy left

point feet 

gemma don't over cross the foot when pointed at the front for end count 

HOLD arms and shoulders really still 

cros front arm over into 3rd 

Katie - show the swish 

hold the turn out leg in the leg that's up in jumps gemma 

*Gallops and Spring Pointes 

- Preparation arms 1st to demi bras - right foot pointes front and bend supporting leg 

- close feet to 1st position before running away 

- Right foot forward in spring point on first side - then left foot on the second 

- best pointed toes every time!!!!

Arms in demi bras - keep them super super still 

Zoe don't forget foot prep 

Hannah and jess pull back the knees in supporting legs in spring points 


Right foot on first side - Left foot on second side 

Pointe toes as hard as you can 

Try not to go past the desk in your gallops 

Katie - Turn out front foot in Gallops 

Gemma - turn out front foot in gallops 

Emily - cross feet over more in 5th in the air 

Zoe - start start straight away after Emily

Highest demi pointe every in your Timmy toe runs 

pointe back foot in kneel - NO banana feet 

Sia - arms to examiner in end position 

Make sure you start on correct foot 

hold arms still 

make sure you are ready to go for your turn 

pointe toes as hard as you can in all the gallops 


HOP first 

Emily - stay in term with music 

brush through first position on a flat foot 

don't forget preparation 

keep counting to make sure you start at the correct time 

arms in demi bras 

Right foot forwards in prep for the Right side - Left foot forward in Prep for Left side


1 and 2 - start with Right foot 

heels on floor for spring pointes 

perform to the front 

3 and 4 - Katie look over the front foot in walks 

stay spaced apart from each other 

sia toes and ankles together when on chair 

Katie too many spring pointes 

dance in your own space - don't cross over each other 

5 and 6 - look over front foot in walks 

feet 1st when putting thingy down 

walk and pointes towards chairs again - not curtain 

perform all faces to the front 

6 and 7 - Gemma feet go to Left when sitting on chair 

know where to go after putting thingy down 

opposite arms in temps leve

don't go behind the chairs - go in front 

everyone - teacher Isd swan lake poster 

do walk walk walk pointes to the ballet shoes (Diagonal line)

all faces to the examiner - so she can see the story you are telling 


* WarmUp Exercise 

- C dont twist when point to second

-  C straight legs when come down 

- S straight legs

- B ankle up in tendu devant

- keep foot on floor on tendu don't let it pop off


- B don't lean forward in plie

- C don't roll back heel forward's in all plies

- M don't pop heels too early in 1st pile

- show demi-points

- dont drop into full plies

- lift chin when lift arm to arabesque

- square up in arabesque

- stretch knee when transferring weight 

hold elbows up 

pull up knee caps in transfer of weight from 2nd - use toes of working leg to push you over to other side 

Sophie - lengthen hands in allonge 

*Battement Tendu/Glisse

- leave head after the prep arm

- S keep tendu on floor

- M dont pop back heel on plies before releve

- B,C  Cross over in 5th

- Reitres legs stronger

- Heads on turn around

- Deeper plies 

- 2 Feet move in for a releve

heels on floor in plies 

tendu stays on the ground 

don't forget heads 

*Rond de Jambe a terre

-B straight body

- B, M Hips square

- C,B Turn out in 2nd

-C posture before start

- M lift up whole time 

No jerkiness or stopping

- B foot behind shoulder in derriere 

starts in 1st positions 

stretch foot really hard when it gets to the back 

no baby bends in knees when closing to 1st 

Cerys - stretch knee fully especially at the back 

*Battment Frappe

- prep wrong (arm on c2)

Too high at back

- M wrong in exercise

-Turn out thigh

-B to side not corner with foot

- End = point to second then close to 5th

b - bouncing in the points - tap and hold 

don't brush through 5th -0 demi point is where foot hits floor first in the frappes 

foot is at the top of the ribbons 

don't pull the toes up in the prep position - foot relaxed and pull up from the ankle 

cross foot halfway over at front not all the way 

*Assemble soutenu

- forgot breathe

show allonge

two feet for releve


close 5th

front foot in releve big toe back

Michaela - forgot breathe - need to go over this one 

b - don't overcross foot devant 


stretch supporting leg on count 4 - not when working leg is moving 

arm opens to 2nd on the plie and close to bras bas on the leg stretch 


- start 1st, everything closes 1st

show retire all up to the under neath of knee

straight bottom leg in developpe

timing at back

square for arabesque

starts in 1st 

Cerys - stretch knee on arabesque 

*Echappe Glisse - 2nd EEK

Head turn 5th

wider 2nd

in 5th releve the back heel needs to face the side

show plies each time with legs going sideways

plie and stretch after music has finished

cross over 5th feet on floor

hold upper body


becarful of arms on the barre 

*Prep for Pirouettes


arm stays in 1st when sideways to barre

closes in front each time

bent back leg

watch left side for knee to examiner can see it 

knees out on the plies - not forwards towards the wall 

Cerys arm 1st when sideways to the barre 

Sophie switch feet when you turn towards the barre - not when you get there 

Left knee in retire needs to be out more to the side so examiner can see it

Sophie - foot underneath the knee in retire 

Don't roll back foot in 4th position - keep little toes on the floor especially on the Left side 

b - plie at the end 

Michaela - no long leg in this one 


straight leg at the back in the lunge 

Cerys need to work on this one - know it 

Cerys heads 

Sophie knee stays completely on the Close to 5th 

Faster pull up from lunge into retire

Michaela pointe to 2nd not the back 

Sophie - no heels popping 

pull knee caps up in long leg at back so we can tell its straight 

no sickle Sophie on the bring into retire 

Grand Battement 

Knees stay Straight on supporting leg - pull up the knee cap 

Turn out the entire legs so they slot together and stay straight on the closing 

Move hand on the barre for derrière 

Petit Développe, pull in to 5th demi pointe, demi detourne to the other side 

Cerys - know exercise 

B - Pull up knee caps 

Arms too high  in 1st position 

Michaela - don't pop heel before rise 

Hand down after the music ends and then head comes up 

B - body stays still in kick to 2nd, no hip lifting

Sophie and b - remember ending 



Pull up knee caps and push forwards in walks 

!st position height 

Turn on toes not heel 

Sophie don't walk too much to corner - cuts in front of Michaela 

follow hands more with heads

Battement Tendu 

- knees out in plies 

- Turn heel to front in tendus to 2nd 

- Croise on other side on 3rd tendu to 2nd

- Michaela More plies and and keep heels on the floor

Michaela and b - not the same as barre 

Chasses and demi détourne 

Arms and legs work together

Slide foot along floor in chases - especially going to the back 

show the holds and demi plie on sharp counts 

watch arms when changing 3rds - got through sneaky 1st so ribs don't stick out 

Cerys hold releve then turn 

follow hand down at end 

b - wrong foot on 2nd side 

pas de valse and poses

Step on straight leg - flat supporting foot in arabesque 

Michaela - more count 3

Cerys - knees out in waltz 

remember the preparation 

coupe needs to be turned out and presented to the front 

Cerys step onto a flat foot for arabesque - not demi pointe 

not too high for arabesque - needs to be eye height

arms to 1st position in the coupe 

Soubresaut and Changement 

get to 5th position 

push with hip bone to get around in turn 

Michaela Heel on the floor 

stretch feet and keep heels Close in changement 

BIG plies in landing 

back heels touching little toes when in a PLIE ONLY 

Cerys - go over this one - you are going the wrong ways - make a full circle on each side 


turn out feet on way back in 

Michaela - don't let heels pop - and keep knees out they are falling in 

 glissades and assembles 

Sophie - pointe toes 

Cerys - pull knees back in plies - especially after assemble

Curly straws  

b - turn out legs in glissades especially 2nd leg - more plies and stretch legs in glissades 

Michaela - keep counting and know how many glissades - more plie - heels down 

show the end of glissade THEN do the assemble


Prep for chaine 

keep head looking at the front - to show your spotting head 

Cerys - finish the circle to complete an entire turn 

only do it twice then run away for other group 

start in 1st 

bend leg on prep in last AND count 

b - show the bend 

Cerys - left side not correct 

pas de chat 

Michaela heels down 

cerys heels down and jump higher 

b - get feet to cross over and up higher - keep arms still!! turn out 2nd leg 

b - coming down too late into 5th on first side 

pOINTE your toes 

Cerys - left foot needs to come forwards in pas de hat - its hitting your bottom 

Pas de Basque 

Cerys - show the round of leg (Like a mini Rond de jambe)

stretch both legs before closing in 5th with both legs straight 

Banana Piñata 

point 2nd foot before closing in 1st plie


travel more 


hold the landing position 

throw leg up higher 

make sure you dégagé your left foot forwards on the left side prep 

show the switch 

keep arms still 

softer landings 

start right back in the corner

remember heads 

b - show the landing position - attach foot to the leg 


1 and 2 

c long arms in 5th 

don't run too far forwards in run 

stay in your own circle - always be in same number order

move right back and to the curtain as much as possible before pas de chat section 

Cerys wrong foot at end 

3 and 4 

don't run too far forwards 

start pas de chat section right by the curtain 

stretch bottom leg in arabesque 

green penguins 

Michaela arm 5th then arabesque 


* Demi plies

- point foot in retire 

- smooth plies

- elbows strong

preparation?? - don't forget it 


- Keep foot on floor

go through demipoint

use heads

wait 2c then lift skirt

heads - don't forget them 


B start 3rd position

prep of bend

use of heads 

get bend on c8

no skirt hold in this one 

point feet on retires 

turn out foot as you step on it 

turn on the toes of the foot 

*prep for russian sailor step

feet 1st

no movement in body at all esp Tami

show 5th position on coupes

*prep for Dal Step

turn out support leg on fondu

no higher than 45

tendu front stays on floor no pop off

*Grand Battment

no higher than 45

C point lift 


turn head for heel then leave for gr.batt

no skirt 

arm opens first second and onto waist with no skirt for prep 

*port de bras 

head straight ahead for start Tami

tami be in the right spot

thumbs down first and head the way going first


step with back foot 

stay in plies ready for other side 

Head prep 

know which side you are up to 

spring pointes 

start with right foot forward 

head towards front leg on holds 

hands come onto waist in heel spring pointes

spring pointe on each foot  - then the heels  

*slow Russian promenade 

know which foot to start with 

remember the foot dégagé as well as arm prep 

opposition arms 

feet start in 1st parallel 

*Heel Walks 

pointe foot at back and kick bottom 

down and bend knees in stamps 

elbows up whenever holding skirt 

petit retire in prep from other side - need to see it - DOWN DOWN DOWN LIFT 

Evie need to work on this one 

*Inverted toe and heel 

don't forget head prep

skirt on hips on the stamps 

if line by line - front line runs away 

hold back strong 

light in the jumps and high - then down and low on stamps 

toes together on the stamps 

starts with toes parallel 

hold arms still 


arms out on first jumps - then hands on hips for petit jetes - arms open up again as you demi plie

b - start turned out 1st position 

jump to 1st at and of the ex 

start with same foot each time 

*Gallops and polkas 


leg closest to examiner is the heel that goes forwards 

Michaela heel to front not side in end position 


Tami make sure dégagé Left foot in prep for left side 

Character runs

heels stay up in runs - on demi pointe 

rainbow frogs

sideways gallops but to the corner 


1 and 2 - Cerys go over this

don't cross over each other 

Evie go over this 

3 and 4 don't forget prep

Sophie faces 

don't cross over each other 

check the ending - doing different things 

temp leve to the front tami??

5 and 6 

bigger waves 

b face 

mya forgot step before heels - and do 2 

go over end part - doing different things 


Michaela gallop to the corner on second set 

Michaela doing toe lifts to wrong way - left first on first set - right first on 2nd set 

don't cross over each other 



know it 

keep feet flat on floor in knee rolls 

hips are isolated and the only things moving - bend knees 

shoulders right up in rolls 

4 elbow rolls then 4 the other way

knees over toes on the bend 

no chasse - grape vine instead 

1 slow head roll and 1 and a half fast 

*Light stretches A 

keep turn out when standing there - knees over toes 

relax head 

get there on count 4 and hold for 4 counts 

inside elbows looking at each other 

tuck head on angry cat and look up on disco cat 

4 nods and then 4 shakes 

tuck chin more  

*Light Stretches B

Look up at hands 

Curl when going down to the lunge 

turn out long leg in side lunges - also side knee has to be pulled back and turned out 

sit up really tall in leg hug 

cross arm under the other before to turn to side lunge

head long in lunge 

Mya - hold tummy in lean back 

Tahlia - long neck to keep chin up in lean back 

intro yo the floor 

Tahlia bigger star

thread the legs through - bottom leg bends and top leg goes over the top - only in clams that roll over onto the

push with the hip to get over into the clam 

keep long neck 

barbie feet 

Plies and rises

be on the right count in the music 

watch hands - keep them both evenly relaxed 

slow stretch in the plie coming back up 

knee ankle toe alignment - make sure all in line - no rolling 

Spinal curl 

tuck chin to keep neck a continuation of spine 

bend knees in hanging over position - and hands on floor - fingers towards each other on the back of the hand 

bend knees more and tuck pelvis in to come up back to neutral standing position 

twice up and down with 8 counts, twice with 4 counts, twice with 2 counts, then the going around sideways ones 

keep knees in alignment 

tuck chin 

*limb articulations - arms 

switch hands on the swings 

hands go out in on out 7, 8 

same arm drops down each time 

drop down 1, 2 come up 3, 4 change side ways 5,6, change upwards 7, join both up 8

shoulders first then drop down 

starts Left side straight away 

hands not  too high - and suspend arms at the front to make it work with the music 

Limb Articulation - legs 

in and out of the floor 

SPRING with both feet back to paralell after all drops 

body held and get over the up knee

turns - selection D

more chasse

hold the end turn 


show suspension on the last one before going backwards 

9 count wait before start 

keep knees slightly bent on the ups 


get front leg and back leg up at the same time in fruit bat 



- Through body more

eyeliner is to little Jess

E wandering eyes

M fists  - watch for odd fingers

all second feet parallel

T arm back further

E - fully point each foot

E - running arms - not banging drum 

may cross 5th in the together and out 

O - keep body still on arm circles 

Mya 0 still doing funny finger thing 

E - let head go on body drop 

Leg Extension


E Head to examiner

Straight Legs on extension

Bum on the ground kin kicks

hold tummy on kicks

O - started too early 

E - both hands on leg in knee circle 

Mya 0 hand hold on long leg is wrong 

e - too late to com e downpour other side 

all stretch knees In leg stretch and hold 

Forward Split

Start 2nd position


Back leg that goes propose position

O - straight legs 

E - 2 arms in back up in split 

step into 2nd for other side 

start in 2nd position 

out on counts

finish feet 2nd 


E - R foot points to the side, toes together

All L-Shaped (elbows just about touching hip bones) during Shimmys

Show wonder women after each roll

Peace thing stops by eye

click fingers back of hand faces examiner

everything is an isolation

Work pieces then add

legs stay on first click, then switch to other side on 2nd click 

Turn Combination

 3x Chaine Turns

spot the slow first turn (single)

focus on the hold of the releve and hold at end of single turn

karate chop

step finish hold for one extra count 

first two R, first two L, wait 8 c then L

E- watch the supporting legs

POse Turns

My a - travel  and spot ribs

E supporting leg bent and arms wild, faster double head

O arms wild, earlier double head

T arms wild hold ending, 3 singles double (count!!)

safety valve with slice arms to reset your direction and get weight in the right place 

Fan Kicks

T wrong arms

show the 5th position with leg high on releve (accent up)

whip arms down to 3rd across

get low on long walks between

head to side at end so muscle can take weight of head, both legs bend in this position with foot on full point with no sickle

travel forwards enough so that next people can start

front leg forward on back bend 

fans kicks have to go from corner to corner


M - prepare arms to 2nd

arms too high 

bad layout 

E - stretch bottom leg in kicks 

then bend at the end 

O - timing - kick on count 2 

wrong leg at end 

T - hold relieves longer

kick on count 2 

Step kick through 1st position 

throw lay out back 

M - hold arms in all kiss 

all knees over toes and parallel in the lay out 

stretch knees in forward kicks 

rise for kick and releve for attitude 

layout arms all the way back 

Side Jetes

Pointe toes 

cross foot behind when land from side jete

Mya - Let it go

small 2nd jete

cross foot behind to end and then pull up and finish 

E - pointe foot in the side jete left side 

Arms 2nd inn both side jete 


move it - make it work in the space 

step to the corner and forwards in the prep for first turn 

tie dyed dolphins

Mya - make more of the Rond de jambe before arabesque 

E - arms - smooth everything out - keep head on track and flow with the dance 


M - preparation 

flexed hands on the round circle 

arm co ordination in the first swings - make sure they go down and up 


E - ankle bone in at start position 

M - wrong knee in 

O - timing 

elbows out at start

make it very girly and fun 


Mya - wait, head, hip to the left, click then turn around 

Elise - move forward in first walks 

step cross drag wait, step cross drag kick turn around and step back to go into the bow wooowwww

Elise - step to the corner in prep for single and double turn 

same shoulder as popped foot in walks backwards 

shoulders with clicks x2, nothing x4, round butterfly clicks with Left foot front x3, step right and place Left foot side pointed no arms ready forced flicks 

sorry I zoned out..

hat goes UP then onto head after turns (single and double)

hat goes on the head for turn around after butt shake 

step click - arm OUT first then in when facing front 

point feet on cow flicks 

3 rounds with hat on last one 

leave to up before toe taps 



Weight forward in parallel 1st

E pull up kneecaps

relax elbows on barre

don't twist hips when doing it turned out

E use all music

t smile

E use all music - slowly lower down - and stretch both knees at the same time 

Tami - smile  - and deeper demi plie in turned out position


E use all music

T keep posture all time

E straight kneee when close

E don't sit back in full plie in 3rd

hands turned around

tami - bigger 2nd position 

Evie - use all counts - especially in grand plies

evie - heels down in demi plies 

no little wobbles in knees when stretching up 

pull up knee caps in the rise

Bat. Tendu/Glisse

Shoulder back

T don't involve body in prep

E don't let foot come off in tendu

keep hips square at back

T- remember starts in 3rd 

T - keep weight on the ball of supporting foot - no pulling off supporting leg 

Evie - hip down when pointing to 2nd - rotate leg with knee to the sky without twist and moving hips 

demi assemble

T no body for following arm

don't forget heads

E point second more

Squeezy close

Show the demi point on the close in from 2nd 

E - make sure to show the 1st position when turning around on the 1st said 

bring in the back foot to 5th demi point in the turn around for the other side 

prep for assemble

E  bend of arms at barre

don't forget heads on the point

square up hips 

T swish to side

rolling on landing and on swish

E - heels on the ground in all landings 

- no rolling ankle bones!!!! on back foot when landing - pull back knees and pull up ankle bones to keep ankles apart 

no fluffy chicken butts on landing 

Tami - careful no rolling on the pull in back to 5th from 2nd 

Prep for retire

hold it right up knee

E straight supporting legs

straight knees down after pose

T don't swish hips in retire

working knee straight after petit retire 

More demi pointe evie 

NO ROLLING ESPECIALLY BACK FOOT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grand battement

E - pulling off leg in 2nd position

T- bending supporting knee in derriere close

keep bodies still at all times

dont roll on feet at any stage

Remember no heads 

Evie - no twisting in 2nd or derierre 

Elbows - keep them lifted 

watch supporting knee on all closes 

keep tendus on the floor - only lift in the grand battement 

evie - higher up at the back but keep hips to the front 

evie - keep weight over the big toes on the supporting leg when you kick to 2nd 

tami - cross 5ths over more in closing and take legs higher now 

Port de bras

Dance it more

E - look up past wrist in sth

E - shoulders down in 5th

T-don't drag the c7-8, no moment at this time

T- watch wrists and more bend from Lyre

stay further back - nose before the coppelia poster - TAMI 

hands evie 

Tami longer 5th 

evie more wrist in lyre 


even shoulders back 

look past your hands 

use the music to help get the allonge timing - on the booommm

Bat Tendu

T- head on prep look to r hand in 1st

don't drop bodies on plie

Through feet esp E 

E keep it on the floor no popping

T watch how pointing

glittery goose

head to the corner on the point and leave it on the close 

elbows and hands in 2nd position 

turn out the legs so we can see the back foot heel from the front 

squeeze bottom in the closing - and hold arms still evie 

show the demi point in each foot 


Hands in bras bas

breathe in demi-2nd in prep

Watch demi-bras not firewood look

E Step on straight leg to second

Bottom on squeeze to 5th

Turn out of fondu leg keep bottom down

on step to side watch eyes of arms in demi-second

Evie - arms breathe to demi 2nd at start 

hold tummy and left 

evie forgot 2nd coupe 

tami - keep heels on the floor when closing 

look to side in the step for the other side 

Tami - toes on the floor when closing to 5th position flat feet 

evie - push over onto ball of foot straight away in transfer of weight to other leg 

keep legs straight and knees pulled up in closing to 5th position 

Pas de Cheval 

leg closes in straight 

over the top and pointe on big toe

Evie - arms too high - keep hand below shoulder 

Arms come down into bras bas after the last one to finish the exercise 

Evie - too high front arm - keep low as if brushing edge of tutu 

tami show hold with knee cap pulled up in 3rd position before lifting up and extending out 


step across into the middle of the body 

crunchy bars are  yummy

brush through 1st position with all of foot on the floor 

push forwards more - and HOLD before doing next one 

hold head to the front for 2 walks - then run away to the back 


little toe off the floor in demi pointe - then all toes on the floor with flat foot pulling in from the back 

start with feet in 3rd position with Left foot at front on Left side 

releve hold and then turn 

push big toe back on front foot as turning around in 5th position 

Evie keep arms held for the entire exercise 

Push forwards and pull up front leg in steps forward and pointe the back toe faster 

elbows forwards of body 

allonge as you run away 


arms to first and then stretch out to demi bras for 2nd time 


Evie hold arms still

get feet across to 5th in each landings - not 3rd - (nimbly lip hoo dackys)

evie - arms still on jumps - press shoulders down 

don't roll on back foot in landings

cross feet over in landings 

deeper demi plie 

Tami - start with Right foot front 

Hold arms still 


Deeper plies 

Evie - finish glissade in 5th position, not 1st/3rd

turn out both legs - especially the 2nd leg to show the arch in the pointed foot 

make an arc with the body in glissade

Hold arms 

Move to weird almost behind each other place to start this one

Evie point 2nd foot in glissade 

Tami - don't lift hip at the end 

Tami - bring through demi point and slide in earlier in glissade 


timing - jump on the and, land on the count

close to 3rd position in ending 

show off the supporting leg - get the thigh back 

timing - make sure you jump on the AND and hand on the COUNT

Dance enchainment 

no lean back head at end 

work on glissades - same as glissade exercise 

bigger and deeper 2nd plie echappe to 2nd before channgement 

Evie Head on glissades

Tami - lighter 2nd temp leve - and hold arms 

Tami - Right leg supporting on spring points - turn out more and pull back knee 

Evie - knees out in petit jetes 

 Evie top arm too high in 4th end position - and watch head in correct place 

Evie - bend knees changements 

Tami - bigger 2nd in echappe sautés 

stretch bottom leg and foot in both temp leve hops on both legs 


feet in 4th when putting on tutu

let it goooooo

bottom down at the start - tutu is sticking up 

no flappy feet in glissades evie 

tami move it in the runs to the back 

big pointes 

tami - went to 3rd - supposed to be 2nd 

evie - don't go sideways on spring points - can't see tami 

don't drag on sickled foot as you stand up - slide big toe along the floor 


start with feet in crossed over 3rd position 

bottoms down as still wearing tutus point feet in curtsey at the end when saying thankyous 



N No head once you start

M sickle in plie on rise

N don't pop off foot in Tendu

T posture, use all music

N don't bend back leg when push over to front

Use all the music

Tess - sickling out on rise on left foot 

stretch knees from plie fully on count 3

Tess watch for rolling on supporting feet  


M head straight on all demi plies

N cross over in 5th and back straight in full plie 

don't twist in arabesque

use all the music to slowly close to 1st on other side

T head wrong way on 2nd side as following arm

Catch arm before arabesque

Close to 5th at end

Tess - no leaning forward in the back up from grand plie in 1st 

Niamh - down further in full plie 

heels off the floor count 4 

show demi point on all pointe 

arm goes to 2nd as soon as you turn around 


Floor pressure

T - knee back in retire

N back demi-pointe more 

don't drop backs on plie

T don't crab feet in

arms open on stretch of legs to 2nd not before

Niamh longer neck at the back 

Niamh retire at the front of the knee not the back 

mia - hold the 1st position towards the barre 

make sure leg is right behind you - not to the corner 

Rond de jambe

M, N don't twist hips in derriere

don't stop or jerk in any position

massage floor, show demi-pointe

Show 6 pointes of turnout 

N get L foot behind shoulder in derriere

T don't crab foot in to first needs to be relaxed.

M relax toes going to 1st

arm prep goes 1st to 2nd 

arms held - hold elbows 

allonge at the end of every exercise 

Niamh - keep neck long

Mia - keep body still 

Tess - keep knee stretched at the back 

Battement Frappe

T - starts 5th position

Wait one count then do prep

Not too high at the back in frappe position

N cross over 5th to start in

out 2, one in (rhythm)

T - brush demi-point evenly

Point to second then close 5th at end

Niamh -0 cross feet more in 5th - and lift foot after dégagé and then bring it in for the prep

tess - no tilt in foot - Niamh also 

mia - lift foot from ankle - not toes

Assemble soutenu

Breathe to demi second on intro

Starts in 5th

don't forget heads


T finish releve facing front before turn to face

N head tilts towards barre when looking to hand in 1st

M turnout support leg as going around

Plie arm goes to 2nd, stretch arm to bras bas

arm closing through allonge to bras bas between each leg circle

Tess and Niamh wrong arm prep 

arm through 1st to 2nd in demi assemble 



M Hips square in 2nd developpe

N Leg back in retire

knee out so we can see the retire from the from 

tess - stretch supporting leg in arabesque 

Niamh - don march back in arabesque 

Echappe Glisse

Wide 2nd

Hold the body

Back foot turned out in 5th

Plie legs go sideways

Come out of plie slowly at end.

head to the front foot on releve 5th 

wider 2nd 


Don't over cross the 4th and twist hips

Keep back straight

Don;t use body on demiplie releve

little toe on the ground at back tess 

wider 4th 

arm to 1st the whole time away from barre 

Niamh - retire at the front of the leg - not side 

Mia - bigger 4th 


T Head before start

T don't look down

N close 5th derriere for first one

M, T overdressing foot in retire

bottoms down to the floor 

don't lean on the barre tess and Mia

Mia - left foot sickling on point and retire - and don't turn in foot in lunge 

Grand Battement

Bottoms in after derriere

arm 1st on plie, 2nd on stretch

hips square on petit développe - body lifted and head turn 

keep hips over supporting leg in 2nd Mia 

****Port de bras - practise this one 

N - start with front foot 

Mia - too crossed 


first arabesque arm is same height as shoulder - then the next one is eyebrow height 

arms longer in 5th position 

show the artistry - catch the hands and follow with eyes 

Battement Tendu 

Starts croise 

from derrierre coming in back in to 5th - keep all toes on the floor - no rolling 

Mia shift foot to front on tendus in 2nd 

Chasse and demi detourne 

turn with arm and hip bone  - not by releasing the arm 

releve up and THEN turn 

arms and legs together In the chasses 

Pas de valse and poses 

don t forget the foot on prep 

don't chase too crossed 

arabesque on a flat foot 

sparkly chickens 

and arms to first in coupe 

Mia - watch turn out of leg in waltz 

Miami - pull up ankle bone so not rolling in the coupe after arabesque 

turn out the chase foot in the coupe after arabesque 

soubresaut and changement 

M - 2 soubs to the front then turn all the way to back 

T - hold body - and more PLIE!!

Niamh - finish the circle on each side - and keep changements underneath you in 1st position don't kick them out 

Tess - heels down and back straight 

Mia - More jump - get higher 

Niamh - knees are falling forwards 


Niamh - change feet 

prepare with a breathe - then bend and leave arms bras bas 

mia - no crossing arms in 1st position 


Glissages and assembles 

more demi plie - plie inbetween each glissade 

point 2nd foot especially in glissade 

land in turned out both feet 5th position

arm to 2nd in assemble - not arabesque 

take body with you - no slinkys

heels down in the take offs for glissades and especially assembles 

Niamh don't forget assemble arms 

prep for for chaines 

show the bend on the supporting leg before each turn 

don't forget arm and leg preparation - arms to 3rd - right leg tendu to side and bend supporting leg 

heels in 1st rise position 

hoo wacky dacky

keep head facing the front for whole exercise to show spotting 

practise Left side - make sure you complete an entire circle for turns 

hold posture 

arms in 1st 

after don't Left side - run away and wait by the sides 

Pas de Chat

Tess - Turn out 2nd knee 

Niamh - get heel to tough underneath thigh 

Niamh - toes to the floor in changements - don't kick them out 

travel pas de Chats 

Niamh - hold 5th position plie between each jump 

Mia - show the hold in the air and the hold in 5th position 

Tess - watch arms in 3rd position 

everyone keep arms still 

Pas de Basque 

pointe 2nd foot on transfer of weight 

bend supporting legs 

orange zebra

chase through 1st and slide forward ti 2 straight legs - close with straight legs 5th position 

keep counting - make sure you only do it 6 times 


travel up not along 

hold arms still 

softer landings 

hold landing position slightly longer - and bend MORE

2 walks looking at front and then run away  


1 and 2

Tess turn out front foot in 5th demi pointe 

both do 2 walks looking at front then run each time you run to back for a new place 

coupe to the corner 

dance in your own space 



Niamh pull up in the stand up in 5th demi pointe 

run to the correct places for glissade pas de chat part 

coupe after arabesque to  corner 

wrong legs at the end 

2 walks looking at front then run to the back for a new place 



hands on hips for kbr 

when do knees to front make window shape

runs - quiet but fast body in diagonal shape and head up smiling

in kbr star jumps arms straight out sides then crossed prayer position and leg bends at knee only (diagonal kbr leg)

in front kbr side keep side arm strong at second

grapevine - show two heels and arms like kbr star jumps

wonder women arms and plies with diagonal back

punches have the bends, punch someone taller then bed

Side flat back and hip stretch

Wait 4c the point to side 5-6, lower 2nd 7-8

Flat backs a bit more flat with arm still in S Shape

Head on knee with straight knee caps

when in middle show plie arms

When roll up arms trace side of leg c8 arms 2nd

E - bottom in in plie

In plie arms on thighs not kneecaps with thumb at back

C - higher demi-point

Forward split & strengthening Ex


Turnout c8

On way round with legs, point toes and sit up in the body

when lying facing the ground, hands by shoulders, elbows down

then to come up make the U shape hold your tummy strong and back strong

check shoulders down and long necks.

bonus points, keep up as arm goes overtime,

in V/triangle position get rid of back bones

then balance the  see saw position

tuck the back knee under and point the foot allowed one quick push off the back hand

roll to the back on count 5 ready for v sit 

no turtle backs in V sit - push bottom of your back forwards towards legs 



shoulders go back first 

bend knees before the hips 

Turn Combo 

Preparation - slow on the music - point front foot as hard as you can 

plies with knees out to the sides - backs up straight and karate shop arms 

SPOT YOUR HEADS - 3 heads per turn 

Caitlin - point foot to the front in preparation - and don't take side arm too far back 

stay up at the end of each turn

Kick combo

Point toes on spot jumps between kicks 

arms lifted up and still for the WHOLE EXERCISE 

2 straight legs on the flick kicks - step with turned out feet - keep them low at the same height as your knee 

point toes, long legs and get down on the 3 walks - backs stay straight with no moving 

straight supporting leg on the releve and high kick with no body moving 

warm up jump 

bend on count 8 

arms on jumps - only move 1 at a time and then back to a V

point toes on first pencil jumps 

kick bottom on runs 

running arms go backwards and forwards 

zombie arms on the tuck jumps 

stay in bend between the tuck jumps - and don't stick bottom out 

Prep for forward jete

STRONG arms - point the way your going and then back in to secret place like a robot 

point toes - best toes everrrrrrrrr

keep both legs straight in the air 

prepare with right foot behind on the right side and left foot behind on the left side - the foot that is behind is the one you step on 


right foot  behind Ready to step on - left foot for left side 

Hip Hop Level 5


Jump onto Right leg first for runs 

stay in time. with the music fo r the runs 

shoulders - Left Right Left when stepping to the right and Right Left Right when stepping to the Left 

2 steps every time in under the fence - and GET LOW!!!

jumps in and out are on AND 3 counts

do this twice through

Arm and shoulder Isolations 

Head goes side to side first 

sharp and hold 

head rolls from Right to Left first 

Emma go over this one 

Keep. arms by sides 

Ribs and Hips 

need to see MORE - make sure I can tell what you're doing 

hips go forwards and back for 16 counts - same side to side 

ribs go forwards first before the rib circles 

Emma too fast in the isolations before hip and rib circles 

Make everything bigger so we can see it 

Liv - keep counting 


Keep counting 

Pink Turtles

tuck chins under so I can see back of your neck 

both knees stay bent in side stretch - keep shoulders to the front and just lean body to the side 

Liv go over this one

after bend with elbows on knees, back to floor for 8 counts - then bring feet in 1,2,3,4, bend 5,6 stretch up 7,8

Amr combo 1 

Show the transfer of weight onto each foot 

arms flow but also STOP at the end of each position 

Hold first arm up for count 1 and 2 - then switch to other side 

Arms combo 2 

show the face through the window 

foot drops count 1 - hold 2 - switch 3 n- drop 4 

Right hand is up on the first AND count in each drum 

face the corner for drums 

TJHIS is the drum one 

Co ordination 1 

remember to jump back to 2nd position 

this is the ribs and punch one 

cor ordination 2

push round count 1 - elbows down on the AND count - sleep position count 2 - hold 3 - drop down on the AND count - back up 4

directions - travelling 

right side - step with Left leg first each Tim e

left side - step with right foot first each time 

wrists always need to be facing each other 

directions - travelling 

this is the hip to the corner one 

Liv step back on the left foot and tap the right one first on the backwards step taps 

Cerys make sure hands finish circle away from the tapping foot 

Ballet test 3

Positions of the feet 

Sienna - push over the big toes in rises

Victoria - sneaky line to the front not the side in all points 

Summah - best pointes EVERY time!! 

Briar check posture the whole time 

knees straight when closing into 3rd 

point to the side in. 2nd not the corner 

3 counts rise up - 3 counts lower down - 1 count plie down - and 1 count stretch 

Demi plies 

stretch knees when closing from 2nd to 3rd 

Sienna keep body square to the barre 

Victoria and briar keep looking up in the plie in 2nd 

Victoria - heels stay on the floor in ndemi plies especially back foot 

Summah - no duck wiggles to get back into turned out 1st position 

summah and Sienna keep counting on the left side - 1 plie in 1st, 1 plie in 2nd, 3 plies in 3rd

Battement tendu 

keep supporting leg straight - no bends at all in this one - summa and briar 

Victoria keep tendu on the floor 

Briar keep foot on the floor at the back 

No twisty Hips Sienna 

Summah - keep every foot pointed as much as possible 

Sienna pointe every toe on your foot 

Victoria - keep body lifted when pointing to the back -0 no superman 

keep Tendus on the floor

Exercise for demi pointe 

slow and smooth rises - no robots on the way down 

heads go towards the foot you are lifting to Demi pointe 

Prep for petit Jete 

Keep bodies lifted up as you bend down 

Sparkly rabbits

rise up for 2 counts , hold for 2 counts, lower down for 2 counts, hold in 1st position for 2 c ounts 

Make sure I can tell if its at the front or the back 

ankle bones forwards - no banana feet 

Prep for Polka 

foot pointes to the front in preparation with arms 

smile at the teddy bears 

finish exercise off in 1st with arms bras bas and then run away 

point the front foot every time it moves 

summa straight leg at the front - not attitude 

Sienna - don't forget to prepare while summah is finishing 

Victoria - don't forget to prepare while Sienna is finishing 

Genevieve - point every foot that steps forwards and finish off in 1st with arms bas bas and then run 

briar - slightly bigger steps 

Port de Bras 

No breathe at the start 

smooth - use all the music so arms don't stop moving 

1st position in line with belly button 

remember Heads - and look out towards the audience/posters/curtains so we can see your eyes (Not just into your hands)

batte,ent tendu and spring points  

keep counting 

show the best pointed foot every time!!!

turn out legs so we can see sneaky lines 

knees out when doing first points with bends - knees shouldn't be touching 

deportment walking 

faster counts - but only do 7 walks 

close to 1st position on count 8 

rise up and hold count 1 

fluffy turtles

turn. ALL the way around back to face the front counts  2, 3, 4

then run away 


pointe your toes in the air - it will also help to make your landing quiet!!

4 sautes in 2nd 

then stretch legs count 5 - point foot 6, close 7 bend 8 

on right side - pointe right foot to close

and on left side point the left foot to close 


finish off the exercise - bend point then close to 1st - then go to the barre to wait 

point toes 

hold arms really still - no bouncing 

bodies lifted up to the sky in all bends 

Purple Carrots 

make sure you do 6 gallops then bend pointe 

jump up not along so that you have enough room 

Temps Leve 

Show the pointed toe before you bring feet into 1st position 

straight leg on the balance in attitude - lift leg up count 3 and hold count 4 


make sure to keep doing the faces to the front 

getting sleepy and yawn starts in the slow music then run in the twinkly part 

don't wake up too early - run forwards ready for gallops in the twinkly part 

 Hip Hop Level 4 

Hi 5 hand on first open the doors - Ashton make sure it is opposite arm 

swing other arm out before doing close the door with same arm as leg 

throw arms down - lift elbows into chicken arms on the bends 

skipping rope arms - get hands all the way up to shoulders get low and jump side to side on the runs - arms swing across to opposite shoulders 

Stretch and strengthening

lean to the right 4 counts, to the left 4 counts com up and face side count 5, 6  into lunge 7, 8 

8 count plank hold,  arms down down up up x2 (4 counts each), 8 counts mountain climbers, push back into plank count 1, walk hands in counts 2, 3, 4 bend knees 0- heels to the floor and roll up face the front 5, 6, 7, 8

lunge to the right on first side 

Morgan right arm lifts first 

start in 2nd

face the curtains in lunge on first side  


Right shoulder up, change, back to the same level and look down at Left hand 

then repeat on other side - then repeat both but faster and rib circle right - up and down to the left 

More ribs so I can tell the difference between side and front etc 


no walks back in the backwards grooves - only body moves - 2 up and 2 low 

show the high and the low in 4 walks forwards - show the difference

Arm combo

need to see more sharp of arms 0- and hitting the counts 

practise the left side 


Jazz Test 3


stay in time with the music 

point toes in the jumps out and in - hands on hips 

arms in grapevine - out, cross, out and clap 

Point toes in kick bottoms and in high knee runs 

jump on to right leg first for kick bottoms runs 

8 kick bottoms - 8 knees up - 4 kick bottoms - 4 knees up - 2 kick bottoms - 2 knees up - 2 kick bottoms - 2 knees up 

Forward flat back and calf stretch 


hold tummies and posture in the calf stretch to the side - arms are out in 2nd 

don't forget arms and foot prep to the side in music before exercise starts 

arms up count 1, 2 - into flatback 3, 4 - bend knees and keep them over toes count 5, 6, stretch knees and stay in flat back count 7, 8 

down on count 1 to Hold ankles in the stretch down to the floor - hold for 8 counts 

4 counts to roll up - point foot to side counts 5, 6 -  and turn to side of room 7, 8

down and hold calf stretch for 4 counts point the back foot 5, 6 and turn to the front 7, 8

Thorasic and Lumbar spine strengthening exercise 

push up onto elbows count 1,2,3,4 - lower down count 5, 6,7,8

push all the way ups onto hands 1,2,3,4 - hold there 5,6,7,8

lift right arm off the floor for 8 counts 

left arms for 8 counts, 

8 counts to lower down onto tummy with forehead on the floor 

pull back into snail with arms stretched out for 8 counts - then hold for another 8 counts 

9 counts to roll up into sitting position 

hold tummies and posture in final sitting position 

Ribcage isolations 

Don't forget arm and foot preparation 

Candyfloss lollipops

1st time you do it - start by going to the right side -  2nd time starts with the Left side 

do it once on each side then point the Right foot and close

Kick combo

STEP before you kick 

show each position so I can tell if it is a swish or an unfold 

Yvette - watch out for banana feet!!

feet only come a little bit off the floor -0 not too high 

step hops

Step on the right foot first and then hop 

right arm long first 

point toes in every step 

kick Ball change with sugars

right side and then the left side 

slow down with the music - jump with turning grapevine music 

Point the front foot in the kick 

and make them slow

Jump with turning grapevine 

lift knees in the jumps 

3 jumps side to side and then to 2md on count 4 

new arms on last 2 lift up toes 

Grumpy Gnomes

arms go up on 7 in grapevine and then down on count 8 

Girls combo 

SMILE!! this is a performance have fun one 

count to 4 in each of the 4 sections 

on the right side push hips towards the curtains 

and on the left side push hips towards the barre 


head up on the word see after he3ad roll Isla turn other way on 2nd turn and clap 

walks and taps coming forward with arms need to go over 

 cross left foot over the front 

Fruit salad 

walk towards the curtain to get into final pose 

cross left  foot over right in end pose 

step onto right foot for the step hop gallops 

;practice step hop gallop and pony gallop section